Preclinical bioanalysis is key to drug and device development. At Integrated Bioanalysis we provide all solutions to help you through the discovery phase ranging from method development through clinical sample analysis, we are dedicated to performing accurate, reliable, and streamlined bioanalytical services for the most challenging programs.


Our bioanalytical laboratories use a wide array of techniques and technology platforms to meet all of our sponsor's needs. Our expertise ranges from mass spectrometry, immunochemistry, cell-based assays, molecular biology, and more in support of PK/TK, pharmacology, bioequivalence, bioavailability studies, and biomarker assays from early discovery preclinical bioanalysis to clinical.  

From concept to completion, our scientists are experts in bioanalysis and preclinical consulting and can support your complex challenges through a bioanalytical network of experts. 

At Integrated Bioanalysis we routinely develop, transfer, optimize, validate and apply quantitative bioanalytical methods to measure drug and metabolite concentrations for samples in any biological fluid, including plasma, serum, cerebrospinal fluid (CSF), urine, tissue and complex matrices like ocular, muscle, and brain tissue.


We excel in creating and optimizing methods to increase efficiency and robustness, identify liabilities, and de-risk regulated issues. We are continuously developing and validating new methods and technologies. This allows us to meet the ever-changing and increasing demand for innovative drugs and medical devices coming through your pipelines.

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